I hate to admit it but I was never really good at making reflection essays. Truth hurts but reflection essays will stay, as long as you are in school; a book, a set of readings, a movie to watch, a conference/ seminar to attend there will always be reflection essays. But why am I saying this? Because there is a reflection essay I need to do and this will be the main reason why I am writing this blog not because of my rants but because I need to reflect and share with you my thoughts about the 1st chapter of CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO: “INTERNET APOCALYPSO by CHRISTOPHER LOCKE.

Internet has truly changed the way we live, it made a great impact not only to every person’s life but to the way organizations do their business. It made a sudden impact in management, production and most importantly on marketing, it created a different kind of conversation in the market and in the workplace most of the time giving more knowledge to people at the bottomost tiers of the organization. The 1st chapter of CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO explains all these concepts thoroughly, explaining the history of how people do marketing, how the internet/intranet grew  and had an impact to organizations. To be honest the 1st chapter was no easy reading, it was quite long and at times hard to grasp but it is a must read to business people since it gives a good explanation on the ways of marketing then and now.  It is a good thing that this is our first reading since we were given the right knowledge on why we are taking Orcom 152 and why we need to take it seriously (hehe!).

I am not really that of a “techy, online person” but I know the real importance of “technology” in our lives, honestly I can survive a day without getting online but I don’t think I can survive at all without the “technology” because it is true that the internet, the “technology” is a necessity. Every man, every organization should have at least this “technology”, should be at least be updated since we all live in a dynamic world.

One great example in the importance of the “technology” is at school, where we take importance of the “online meetings”, the sending of files, lessons through mail, researches on “google” and even this blog that I have is a great manifestation that the internet the “technology” is thus changing lives and making a great impact on almost every thing. I was once an unbeliever of the internet, believing before that it was not really needed or it was just a fad of sorts but hey look at where I am writing now, the blog!(hehe!). I know I have a lot to study about our “technology” and its great relation to my field of study but hey I am just thankful that I am not that far behind, thanks to Orcom!

” the Net was a powerful multiplier for intellectual capital”- Christopher Locke

About Ace!

Technology Transfer and Business Development Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor for R&D, UP Diliman Organizational communication Graduate University of the Philippines Manila President - QCPACE- UMYF Vocalist- Footlong, Rapid Pagongs Member- ALAB Judah and PUMC Worship team

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  1. Aba. early bird😀 I bet everyone else will be posting their reflections at around 11:45PM. Including me😛 HAHA.

  2. John Patrick says:

    True indeed, Ace! The Internet made us who we are at this very moment.

    Glad you gave importance to “technology” at school🙂

  3. Arven says:

    This is a good look at how the Internet has been of great help to the youth of today, Ace. At least, we are sure that we, Orcom students, know how to use our technology well.

  4. acommismo says:

    naaaks Ace! im learning from you Master President🙂 you’re such an early bird, you even encouraged me to do my ref post early, but i didnt. HAHA. true. the Internet has created a great impact on the way we live, esp the way orgs/companies do their business.

  5. barrycade says:

    i like how you made sense of the reading by relating it with your personal life, though it would have been more helpful to add some more examples on why you think you cannot live without “technology.”

    and the way you equate “technology” with Internet is quite interesting. for a few minutes i was thinking if I got the synonyms right or if you were talking about Internet, plus mobile phones and other comm technologies. I’m sure Internet wouldn’t mind being called by its first name: “Internet.”🙂

    btw, do put some tags on your post and keep conventions on your writing style consistent throughout your blog. a little proofreading would help improve it, too.

  6. aLps says:

    Technology can be helpful but humans still long for that human touch, for that Real Thang!


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