We had our impromptu speech in our SP133 class yesterday and luckily my topic was Chip Tsao! I know this may sound a little geeky but I know Chip Tsao, I know what he has done and what impact he has made in our country..(for the benefit or everyone, Chip Tsao wrote in his article a satire about the Philippines being a “NATION OF SERVANTS” some 2 or 3 months ago).

Yesterday I said in my speech about STIGMA and a while ago I was driving along commonwealth and whenever I see the Traffic Police I feel afraid, I had this weird feeling that maybe they are after me, that they need to “kotong”, that they will accuse me of a violation that I never really did and then the STIGMA word hit me again.

Stigma- a mark of shame or discredit.

Communication is a powerful tool but can its power overcome a stigma? can communication change the way people view the traffic police and kotong? can communication change the way Chip Tsao looks at our country? can communication change the way we Filipinos view GMA and FG (maybe nothing or no one can really change our view of GMA and FG because they just really hay…GRRR!haha!)

Can communication do all of these??

“Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but STIGMA and bias shame us all”- Bill Clinton

About Ace!

Technology Transfer and Business Development Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor for R&D, UP Diliman Organizational communication Graduate University of the Philippines Manila President - QCPACE- UMYF Vocalist- Footlong, Rapid Pagongs Member- ALAB Judah and PUMC Worship team

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  1. the delinquent kid says:

    Chip Tsao. If happen that I picked that topic, Chip Tsao would have been a Scientist. Who the hell? haha. At yang mga pulis at MMDA, sila ang cause ng pagiging late ko tlga. haha. There’s this one time, late n ko tlga, then this MMDA guy made the shuttle, where i was riding, stop at the side. Andami pang seremonyas, nagsusulat pa kunawari. I wanted to shout and say “T*&%^a! kunin m n kc ung lagay at late nako!!” haha. kinuha din nia. http://thedelinquentkid.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/wanted-gunman/

    • ace acosta says:

      haha!naalala ko si Ban ki Moon!wahaha!..oh well I hope someday we can view the MMDA the Police differently from how we view them right now.

  2. judyismo says:

    Hey hey Ace!πŸ™‚

    You are not alone (starus na MJ? Haha!) on being bothered by the Stigma word. I’m thinking about that too and actually I was singing Stigmatized by The Calling awhile ago. Your questions about communication and stigma are really interesting. And congrats, your knowledge and speech about Chip Tsao is incredible. Haha. Long live!πŸ™‚

    • ace acosta says:

      yes nman!MJ fan din..hehe!..actually I wanted to use that song(stigmatized) for this post!..and thanks that you find my take on stigma and communication interesting!at chamba lng yung kay chip tsao!hahaha!

  3. mydiamondring says:

    maybe communication can change these stuffs. i also think there’s as much to say about a change in the way people look at and understand things. hope for the better. and for lesser stigma. anyway, your impromptu was good. i would’ve cried if i got chip tsao, cos i’ve no idea who–or what, hell i didn’t even know he’s human. haha–he was. -ryo =)

    • ace acosta says:

      hey ryo!..tlga you think communication can change all of these?wow!actually I haven’t thought of the answer to my question..and yes I agree “hope for the better and for lesser stigma”. and thanks for appreciating my speech..hehe!

  4. mkakalimutinako says:

    And so you got a friend in the form of me, Ace. I feel the same way whenever I drive around the city and notice mobiles parked at the side of the streets; thinking the officer might wave and ask me to slow down and stop. I’ve been caught in EDSA for a violation I did not commit. I’ve lost P500.00 to a police-kotong in Mandaluyong. And so the stigma lives on!

    About Chip Tsao…I thought it was a Chinese restaurant.πŸ˜€ I could’ve died on the spot if I get that for an impromptu speech.

    (it’s Lala)

    • ace acosta says:

      HI LALA!haha!..good to hear na meron na katulad ko!hahaha!..and too bad for you P500!..sakin P300 lng tumawad kc ako..and yes the stigma lives on, can it stop?hay…

      HAha..funny name nga ang chip tsao it sounds like a food..It was a blessing for all of us that I got that topic!hahaha!

  5. Iba naiisip ko when people talk about STIGMA eh. remember our conversation at Mrs. Fields? HohoπŸ˜›

    What I admire about your blog (although you are claiming that you are not a blogger) is that this is so you, and I can almost hear you saying this.

    Aaand it’s great how you relate the daily chronicles to your entries. It’s so light and substantial at the same timeπŸ™‚

    • ace acosta says:

      wow ping…na-touch nman ako sa comment mo…and yes I truly want this blog to sound like me, no pretensions!just me!hehe!and yah I remember yung sa Mrs.Fields!hehe…tnx ping!

  6. aLps says:

    Of course, communication can beat stigma. After all, communication was the one who made stigma. Logically, it also has the right and power to take it away. Viva communication!πŸ˜€

  7. thecommwhore says:

    I think beating stigma is the toughest challenge for us, communicologists. Imagine being hired to clean the stained reputation of Sulpicio lines? Or perfuming the image of PGMA? so hard, eh?πŸ™‚ Great post, bud brother! Good job!πŸ˜€

    • ace acosta says:

      true!toughest challenge!haha..and hell no perfurming the image of PGMA??!!huwat!haha!…tnx for the comment jeanne!

  8. acommismo says:

    i must say, that question is hard to answer. but just like them, i think communication can beat stigma, though it would be really difficult. Bud brother this one’s nice ha.. haha!πŸ˜€

    • ace acosta says:

      yah I know madame!haha!improving ba??and since almost all of you had the answer of beating the stigma..I think its time for us to beat the stigma!mag Pr na tayo sa MMDA at police!hahaha!

      tnx jena!!

  9. barrycade says:

    wow heavy pare, stigma. nose bleed tsong. *opens browser to Google word*πŸ˜€

    kidding aside, interesting point on stigma and how communication might deal with it. you see, no ‘stigma’ can be ‘cleansed’ by communication alone. Like PR, performance first before recognition. Need I say more?

    • ace acosta says:

      wow!…ang galing..corek corek!tnx for that comment sir and for that I will start my mission on “cleansing the image of the MMDA and the traffic Police”..wahahaha!tnx sir barry..see you on saturday!

  10. Lou Ortiz says:

    Hi Ace! I’m blog hopping because I’m not in school for our Anthro185 class. It’s raining hard in Makati and I’d rather not get sick. Putting that story/excuse aside…

    I would have to agree that communication isn’t a panacea. Product before packaging, I guess. You can’t talk the dirt away. After all, there are at least 2 people involved in communication. No matter how hard you try, the other person on the end of the line may have already put up his/her wall of biases that not even the sweetest of talkers can will away.

    • ace acosta says:

      wow lou!nosebleed..haha!..but yes I agree with you that communication is maybe at least 2..hehe!tnx for the comment!pumasok ka na ng anthro grabe ka, pabaya ka na!haha!

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