Imagine!…”imagine if we were still together? imagine if the Beatles were still together and are all alive? imagine I was born in another country? Imagine my father was Bill gates…Imagine….An imagination, can become true or not. But  imagine our lousy government offices can become a Wiki workplace? Imagine a big revolution among our government offices! I think maybe its near to impossible, maybe its not applicable  and maybe it can be considered a dream but like what the popular saying goes, “When you dream, DREAM BIG!”.

Most of the best and big companies all over the world have adopted the concept of the WIKI WORKPLACE, the bottom-up innovation, social computing in the enterprise, peer production and the wikis. The workplace is becoming completely different from what we knew when we were little kids.

Imagine LTO (one of the government institutions who have a bad service; snob employees, slow process, unorganized system!)Having peer production, it would be PERFECT!haha..people will be involved in the innovation, cater to the customers demand. Employees(who are very “mataray at mayabang”) will be nice, cause they are involved in the organization, and yes the slow process and the unorganized system will be improved because of the innovation! Imagine the 2 days of getting your license will be reduced to 1 day or even 5 hours only. That would be possible in a wiki workplace, it worked in the multi-national companies like best buy why not in LTO.

Imagine NBI(getting an NBI clearance really sucks!the hell with the long line the hell with the people who handles the process!NBI is hell!) doing the bottom-up innovation and the social computing in the enterprise, would it be ok? Of course it is!collaboration among the employees, observing the culture that would lead to serving the culture effectively. That process would really bring innovation and improvement in NBI. NBI like the Geek squad does also provide service, so why not adopt the system of the geek squad that is very efficient. hehehe!

UP Manila having a wiki of its own!WOW!..UP Manila is among the best universities in the Philippines and Asia but sorry to say it does also have a lame system (enrollment really sucks!..requesting for documents will take you days before you get it, some employees are not that really hospitable and nice). Creativity, innovation, diversity and fun that’s what wiki brings. Imagine ate something in the OCS window would be happy to serve you and imagine having our enrolment by just an hour. That would be really really nice. Creativity, innovation and diversity bring positive results that would benefit all in the UP Manila community.

Would all this be possible with the budget these institutions have??YEs it would be, if the government would just let out all the tax money they got from us.(para na akong tibak!haha!)

About Ace!

Technology Transfer and Business Development Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor for R&D, UP Diliman Organizational communication Graduate University of the Philippines Manila President - QCPACE- UMYF Vocalist- Footlong, Rapid Pagongs Member- ALAB Judah and PUMC Worship team

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  1. jorron monroy says:

    i haven’t read through the post yet, i was just caught by the parting quote. One of my all time favorite songs, “I hope someday, you will join us, and the world, will live as one.”

    • ace acosta says:

      very nice song…when I was writing the post..I was just thinking of the song and I thought it can be a great theme for my post..hehe!

  2. Alps says:

    The problem with the government is that they know they are a failure but still deny the fact that they are. Haha. Oh, I hate bureaucracy.

    On the three institutions you gave, I think the LTO could be served best by a wiki mechanism. Everyone campaigning and recommending changes regarding registration and even chasing car-nappers would be empowering!

    • ace acosta says:

      agree agree mr. aguado!..they just don’t care…sana i-hire nila orcom people so that they may improve their services!hehe!

  3. Dominique Anne says:

    With the rise of wikis and other new social media tools, budget is not a major problem anymore. I hope your imagination about UP Manila will come true soon even if we’ll not benefit from it anymore.

    • ace acosta says:

      haha…our children will benefit from it and that is if our government institutions will have change of hearts.hehe!

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