Another king in my blog!..hehe!..Manny Pacquiao the boxing king in the Philippines and among the best in the world. A future hall of famer, Manny Pacquiao (MP) is the pound-for-pound king and probably the most popular boxer now, in fact he is the 1st boxer to be an endorser of Nike, together with the Golf king Tiger Woods, Basketball Kings Lebron and Kobe and Tennis King Roger Federer, MP is a global sports icon.

Last last Saturday, we had a discussion about the conversation prism and branding. From the diverse media tools  down to the brand, the bottom-inside approach of the prism, lets me realize that a brand needs to listen and adapts to its environment in order to survive and be successful. It is a simple yet effective thought. Let us look at Manny Pacquiao as an example.

Manny Pacquiao became so great because of two things; 1. His extreme talent and dedication and 2. His charisma and x-factor (like Michael Jordan, he added something of his own in his game). But unlike the blog about Jordan where we focused on his x-factor, this blog about MP will focus on his talen and dedication and of course how he used the conversation prism.

Manny Pacquiao has a God-given power and speed that probably no boxer has ever had and he used that power and speed to gain an impressive 11-0 win-loss record with 6 of them coming by knockout(TKO) at the start of his young career. In his 12th fight, he lost to a fellow pinoy fighter by TKO at the 3rd round. What happened to his power and speed?! What happened was that all he had by then was his power and speed, nothing more. In boxing power and speed will not bring you all the way to top. Skills, stamina and discipline will. With critics saying that MP will not make it to the top because of things lacking in his fight, MP adapted to his environment and used that message from his critics in his advantage. Using that adaptation as a tool, MP gained a remarkable 15 straight wins almost all of them by knockout after his lost and won his first world title and was named as the next pinoy big thing. MP may have it all as other people said but again boxing analysts were not that impressed at all saying he still has some work to do in order to achieve more. MP just chose to listen to his critics (the conversation prism  idea, you only choose a tool that will matter to your brand). MP didn’t stop from training and his dedication to achieve the peak of the boxing world, he fought one big guy to another, big names like Barrera, Marquez and Morales wasn’t a hindrance to him. MP was beginning to be at the top of his game beating all opponents his size and gaining global fame thanks to his adaptation and the open ears to listen to his critics.

MP wasn’t satisfied with his game, he wanted to be something that no pinoy or asian boxer has ever done and thats to  be the best in the world. Manny PAcquiao challenged Oscar Dela Hoya (one of the greatest boxer of all time). Critics, analysts, sports fans were telling him, “you can’t beat a Oscar Dela Hoya, you are too ambitious”. MP this time didn’t listen to his critics, he only listened to his coach-Freddie Roach who he thinks, knows what is best for him that time, MP filtered all the message that was coming to him and strategically chose the message that he thinks will be of advantage to him. His strategy paid off, he did what no other boxer can do, he did beat Oscar Dela Hoya gaining the number 1 status and was named among the greatest boxers of all time.

Manny Pacquiao will probably have two or three more fights(November fight with Miguel Cotto) before he retires , and I believe that if he continues to adapt the idea of conversation prism together with his training and dedication, Manny Pacquiao can’t be beaten by anyone.

“you know water is good but vitwater is better….now you know”- Manny Pacquiao

you know

you know

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Technology Transfer and Business Development Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor for R&D, UP Diliman Organizational communication Graduate University of the Philippines Manila President - QCPACE- UMYF Vocalist- Footlong, Rapid Pagongs Member- ALAB Judah and PUMC Worship team

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  1. jorron monroy says:

    I actually am amused by the fact that your entries showcase ‘kings’ from different fields. (let’s see if you can maintain it, haha)

    I think that extreme talent and dedication AND charisma and x-factor can work separately on different people. Pacquiao, according to you, possessing these qualities altogether nonetheless made him one of the world’s boxing sensation.

    MP. haha.

  2. ace acosta says:

    actually that is the concept of my blog having kings because I consider myself a King!wahaha!..and yes you are right about the separation of talent,dedication,charisma and x-factor but maybe that’s what made Manny so great and so popular because he had it all!thanks to the conversation prism.hehe!

  3. barrycade says:

    it pays to proofread your post before publishing it. Kings of industries and extraordinary talent deserve nothing less than a well polished post.

  4. Alps says:

    I like your pop culture intelligence Ace! On topic, I remember how Madam Inton, in his Comm3 class, told us how people take “listening” as a communication skill for granted. Now if we just listen more.

    • ace acosta says:

      tnx alps!..and yes listening is a very important comm fact my mother always tell me she is also a communicologist by the way..that we have 2 ears but 1 mouth so listen more than talk..hehe!

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