The latest buzz right now on the international sporting arena is the selection of Rio de Janeiro as the host city for the 2016 Olympics  but now people are wondering what does it take to be a host city and how do they choose the host city?..Before I thought it was just a random choice from the Olympic body but now I became really aware on how they choose the city, because the selection of Rio was really controversial  since it was picked out of Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo (which in truth are more developed cities than Rio)..

Let me share you with I researched online on how is the Olympic city host chosen

1. Countries who want to be a host city first submits its proposal to the IOC(International Olympic Committee) then the IOC will pick finalists from those who submitted. Countries or Cities who submitted will undergo different selections (you know the usual selection committees…oh i Remember our PRSP days!haha!)

2. Then after the finalists were chosen…all the finalists will pitch for 1 hour to the voting members of IOC

3. Then the members of IOC will vote who will be the host city..of course members who are part of the country of the finalists will not be allowed to vote.

Now you know how…But what benefit does the host city get? Of course lots and lots of investments and billions of dollars of advertisements for their country or city…So the countries do invest a lot just to be the host city in the Olympics (Even Barrack Obama was affected when Chicago wasn’t chosen as the host city).

Rio will be the 1st South American City to host the Olympics.


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  1. jorron monroy says:

    London 2012 is something to look forward to, with its pink logo. have you seen it? the olympic colors were omitted and instead changed it to all 5 white rings in a pink 2012 polygons. the reason: “We don’t do bland. This is not a bland city,” says London 2012 chairman, Sebastian Coe. “We weren’t going to come to you with a dull or dry corporate logo that will appear on a polo shirt and we’re all gardening in it, in a year’s time. This is something that has got to live for the next five years.” After choosing the host city, does the olympic committee has a say on the branding of the event? It’s now a less corporate, more youthful olympics. is it?

    • Ace Acosta says:

      I guess they have a say on the branding…its like they are the clients and the host city is the its a dialogue between the two but in the end it is still a team effort to come up with a great branding.

  2. jasperdc88 says:

    hear hear to rio’s hosting of the biggest sports event in the world. i agree with brazilian president lula da silva that it is the time to stage the olympics to a region thta has never seen it before.

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