Had a tiring day..together with some church friends and my family we went to QC City hall to register for the 2010 elections..and you know what? I realized many things about our country…


We were in the city hall like 9 or 10 am and we finished around 5pm, for what? For a validated registration form and know what?we will get back tomorrow for the actual registration. “Ka-badtrip talaga” to wait for almost 9 hours just for that form, but come to think of it…We had all the time to register the past few months and yet we cram for registration now and blame the comelec, the city hall, the government for this? But do we always blame them? I know our system really sucks but do we always blame them why our system or country sucks..Our country sucks because we the people also suck!(forgive me for the term,but can’t think of any term)..We do not move on from blaming them..rally reklamo “>dito rally jan, reklamo dito reklamo sa taas and for what?…why not just move on, find something remarkable to do then try to help others..dba? Maxado tayong tayong “>nanisi, maxado tayong ng-eexpect sa “kanila” and we know for a fact na ever since eh ganyan na sila..dba?so why blame?why nag?

this day made me realize many things…Kanina, many people were so mad, sobrang sarcastic at nang-aasar pa sa mga comelec and it made me think..”why are you people like that?”..Imagine there were only about 40-50 comelec there handling about over 5,000 people and you expect them to be as efficient as you want them to be? Some of them are volunteers lang and please don’t blame them! they just do their jobs, their super toxic jobs for how mucH?(Bka mas malaki pa allowance ng students eh)..Kawawa sila kanina talaga…ngkulang ba ang comelec sa pagpapaalala na mg-register ng maaga? Ako Ako “>Mismo, Ako ang Simula and all other orgs keep on reminding us to vote early..but still here we are Filipinos..cramming and nagging.

Look at ondoy..Do you still remember what some Filipinos did after the tragedy? NANISI NG GOBYERNO at ng maraming tao!..maybe the government had some contributions why we were flooded that hard..pero did those people thought na “ay oo may kasalanan din tayo,.ngtatapon din tayo ng basura eh, nakatira tayo sa malapit sa ilog eh”..

Elections is just a few months away, aside from intelligently picking the right candidates, we Filipinos should also reflect on things that matter and ask ourselves these questions….Have I done something so far for my country that is significant? Do I always blame other people for what is happening to me right now? Do I always see the wrong side of things and forget the good things that is around me? Am I willing to change for the benefit of my society?..I know these questions are hard to fulfill, but try to reflect..This may sound cliche but if we only just know how to start change within ourselves and influence others with that change..we could slowly make an impact and maybe someday really someday change the way our country goes..

“Ang tunay na kabanalan ay ang ang “>pagkakawang-gawa, ang pag-ibig sa kapwa at ang isukat ang bawat kilos, gawa’t pangungusap sa talagang katuwiran.”- Emilio Jacinto

About Ace!

Technology Transfer and Business Development Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor for R&D, UP Diliman Organizational communication Graduate University of the Philippines Manila President - QCPACE- UMYF Vocalist- Footlong, Rapid Pagongs Member- ALAB Judah and PUMC Worship team

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  1. […] If you are thinking that I am about to whine about my experience that day, well you are right! hehe! I am aware beforehand that going through that line is definitely not easy. I admit that I am envious of my friends (Jorron, Ace, Ren) who are already registered. I also know that, as what others call it, this is the price of cramming and the bloody line/process should not be blamed solely on the COMELEC. […]

  2. barrycade says:

    yehey, we have another responsible voter-to-be. how nice that you made this a family affair. sana lahat ng pamilya ganito.🙂

    • ace acosta says:

      hehehE!..cool nga tlga na family affair xa eh..because we all agree that it is time to make a stand in order to have changes in our system!hehe!

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