It was in July 2011 wherea group of Christian Friends dreamed of having a basketball league for the Christian Youth in QC. They started to visualize and plan for the basketball league, they were excited of course and was full of hope. The league didn’t materialize that same year, but the group decided to form a simple Basketball every Sunday ministry just to “test the waters” and see if indeed they can push through with the league. The Basketball every Sunday ministry was a regular basketball fellowship for the Youth (UMYF) and the Young adults (UMYAF) every Sunday at different basketball courts around Quezon city. The ministry drew many attendees, it grew in numbers that even Youth and Young adults outside QC even joined the fellowship. After many months, the group finally realized that their vision of having a basketball league may happen. After all, it happened many years back through the Christian Basketball Ministry or CBM, so why not continue it and strengthen it further, so the Christian Basketball League or CBL was born.

With a sole aim of discipling Boys in and outside the church through Basketball, the group of Christian Friends now known as the CBL Board of Governors formulated rules that are based on our Christian Values and policies formulated by higher basketball entities like FIBA, PBA and the NBA. Some of the UNIQUE rules that the board formulated are;

*Every team must have a Small group session before the game. Either days before the game or minutes/hours before the game. Failure to have a small group session before the game will cause the team, automatic default.

* Each team must have 2 reps to share their small group session to the other team and vice-versa.

* A 1.5k quota for each team (The normal quota for a league is around 5-10k).

Headed by its Commissioner Pastor Floyd Alcantara, the CBL Board of Governors officially launched the CBL last March 31 2012 at the Mapayapa Village 2 court, with all 11 teams (named after the 12 disciples) composed of almost all churches in QCPACE, the teams made a covenant to each other and to God that CBL will be a Christ-centered league and that Discipleship, Sportsmanship and Fellowship will be its mandate.

After 3 months of CBL, the Lord has been good to this ministry that He provided the league with sufficient funds to push through; also it had a great impact to those who participated.
One significant impact is that the number of UMYF boys in Churches grew, as one UMYF from Tala UMC shared;
“Sobrang salamat po sa Lord sa buhay ng mga organizers ng CBL, dahil sa CBL, dumami po ang kabataan namin at marami ang nagiging active sa Church”.

Not only that the number of UMYF boys in Churches grew, but also the unity and bonding of the UMYF became stronger;

“Dahil sa CBL naging ka-close ko yung ibang UMYF sa church, yung mga dating di sumasama sa activities ngayon sumasama na dahil naging friends na namin dahil sa CBL” – UMYF from Deparo UMC.

What’s amazing as well is on how CBL helped some of the UMYF to learn things that are valuable to our characters, one UMYF from Goodsam UMC shared that;

“Grabe yung CBL, kala ko laro-laro lan or parang Liga lang na normal, pero hindi pala, ibang klaseng league siya kasi ang dami kong natutunan physically, mentally, emotinally at sPIRITUALLY. Naturuan ako na mag-take ng responsibility at maging humble talaga. Praise God sa CBL”

The Lord really works in ways that we can’t imagine, who could have imagined that He can use a Basketball League to touch lives in the youth today? God is truly amazing.

With the victorious CBL, the board of governors is now planning to further strengthen this ministry in its Season 2 next year and with God’s grace, CBL will be much bigger and stronger on its 2nd season!


To God be the Glory!

Ace C. Acosta (Board of Governor – CBL)

About Ace!

Technology Transfer and Business Development Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor for R&D, UP Diliman Organizational communication Graduate University of the Philippines Manila President - QCPACE- UMYF Vocalist- Footlong, Rapid Pagongs Member- ALAB Judah and PUMC Worship team

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