Now that Bobby Ray Parks of NU won his 2nd consecutive UAAP MVP trophy I became curious of who were the other players in the history of UAAP who were as dominant if not more dominant than Bobby Ray. Since I don’t have that much of a reference, I only included players from 1980’s up to the present, because
I don’t have much data on the early UAAP days.🙂

PS. I have limited data on the UAAP Finals MVP and Rookie of the year.🙂

Here are the 7 players who are included in the list, is Bobby Ray included?
Check this out!

1. Allan Caidic (UE) 1982-1985
Why is he on the list?
– 3 time UAAP MVP (1982,19845-1985)
shares the record for most number of MVP
– led UE Red Warriors to a total of 3 championships,1982,1984-1985 (almost a four-peat if not for FEU who cut the streak)

Allan Caidic was so dominant during his UAAP days that he was recruited to the National team and was highly coveted by PBA Teams during his time.
History, Experts, Stats will definitely tell you that the most dominant UAAP player since 1980, is the TRIGGERMAN!

2. Jun Limpot (DLSU) 1989-1992
Why is he on the list?
– 3 time UAAP MVP (1989-1999, 1992)
shares the record for most number of MVP w/ our Most Dominant UAAP Player ever, Allan Caidic
– led the Green Archers to a back-to-back UAAP Championships (1989-1999). Almost a Four-Peat
if not for the FEU led Johnny Abarrientos

Jun Limpot was so dominant, that on his 1st year in UAAP he blazed his way to becoming the MVP and a UAAP Champion.
Jun Limpot could have blazed his way to 4 UAAP MVPs and 4 UAAP Championships but the Flying A interrupted his dominance, still
The Real Deal is still one of the most dominant EVER!:)

3. Dennis Espino (UST) 1991-1994
Why is he on the list?
– 2 time UAAP MVP (1993-1994)
– led the Growling Tigers  to a back-to-back UAAP Championships (1993-1994) and helped the tigers to a rare

Right after Jun Limpot left the UAAP, another player became dominant and that’s Dennis Espino.
Dennis led UST to a rare “perfect” elimination that made UST automatic champions.
Dennis was so dominant that he became one of the top picks in PBA that eventually led him to team-up with our number 2 dominant player Jun Limpot for the former Sta.Lucia Realtors of the PBA.

4. Don Allado (DLSU) 1996-1999
Why is he on the list?
– 2 time UAAP MVP (1998-1999)
– led the Green Archers  to a back-to-back UAAP Championships (1998-1999) and helped the archers to a rare

Another dominant big man made the list! Don Allado started the winning culture in DLSU, helping them to start
a rare 4-peat. Don Allado was one of the most awaited rookies in the PBA because of his dominance in the UAAP
but because of the rise of Fil-Ams during his time (Erick menk, Asi taulava, Danny Seigle etc.) he never had the chance to show his
UAAP dominance in the PBA.
But still Don Allado was one of the elite UAAP players in the history that made him the original “King Archer

5. Arwind Santos (FEU) 2002-2005
Why is he on the list?
– 2 time UAAP MVP (2004-2005)
– UAAP Defensive player of the year (multiple times)
– Rookie of the year
– led the Tamaraws to 3 UAAP Championships (2003-2005). Actually he only led the tamaraws to 2 Championships, but because
of the Archers controversy on eligible players, the UAAP decided to give the 2004 championship to the Tamaraws.

Arwind Santos, was a monster during his UAAP reign especially in the defensive end making him a multiple time Defensive player of the year
awardee. If not for Kelly Williams, Arwind could have been the # 1 Draft pick in the PBA.

6. Jun Reyes (ADMU) 1985-1988
Why is he on the list?
– 2 time UAAP MVP (1987-88)
– led the Eagles to back-to-back UAAP Championships (1987-1988)

Jun Reyes who? I don’t know if he is related to Chot Reyes, Ryan Reyes or even Efren Bata Reyes but all I know based from
his records that he was a dominant player. Being able to win the UAAP MVP award and UAAP championship back-to-back
is something rare and only a dominant player can do. Now the question of what happened to him after UAAP? I honestly don’t know.🙂

7. Bobby Ray Parks (NU) 2011-Present
Why is he on the list?
– 2 time UAAP MVP (2011-2012)
– UAAP Scoring champ for two consecutive years

Bobby Ray is one talented guy that even NBA scouts are considering him to be part of the NBA (hopefully!). He led NU to
a Final Four appearance since 2001 and only the 2nd time in the Final Four era of UAAP. Bobby Ray is probably the greatest
player who donned an NU uniform (2nd greatest is Danny I!). If Bobby Ray doesn’t join the NBA in the next 2 years, I strongly
feel that he will win at least 1 more MVP (to tie the record of Caidic and Limpot) and at least 1 Championship trophy for NU that
will give NU its 2nd UAAP Championship since 1954 (wish ko lang!).

Honorable Mentions:

1. Johhny Abarrientos (FEU) – 1991 UAAP MVP. Led FEU to 2 straight championships
2. Rich Alvarez (ADMU)–  2000-2001 UAAP MVP. Together w/ the all-star cast of Enrico Villanueva, Larry Fonacier, Wesley Gonzales & LA Tenorio, led Ateneo to 1 Championship
3. Mark Telan (DLSU) – 1996-1997 UAAP MVP, 1993 Rookie of the Year.

About Ace!

Technology Transfer and Business Development Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor for R&D, UP Diliman Organizational communication Graduate University of the Philippines Manila President - QCPACE- UMYF Vocalist- Footlong, Rapid Pagongs Member- ALAB Judah and PUMC Worship team

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  1. gibet says:

    Paolo Mendoza,Kenneth Duremdez,Booby Parks?still very young.

    • Ace! says:

      Bobby Parks is in the list in my opinion (even though he is still young) because only a few achieved what he achieved and that is to earn back-to-back MVP and Scoring Champion awards and even up until this day he is leading the race for the MVP which if he wins the MVP will make him a 3 time MVP which only Allan Caidic achieved but the difference is Parks won it 3 straight times.🙂

      Paolo Mendoza and Kenneth Duremdes were magnificent players but they were not as dominant as the ones mentioned here because they didn’t won any MVPs or a championship for their respective teams.🙂

      • boboparks says:

        Kenneth Duremdes did what everyone else cant do in the UAAP now and then. Bobo Ray Parks is not there YET. Jaworski isnt even in your list. Maybe do a little research more.

  2. ginnovator says:

    You’re missing Benjie Paras…the “big & powerful” reason why UP won its 1st & only title in ’86 his rookie year!

    • Ace! says:

      Woow! Yes you’re right I completely missed Benjie Paras! But the reason why I didn’t put him because of his short stay in the UAAP. I think he only stayed 2 years
      then went to PBA right away. I’m not really sure about that.

      Thanks for your input!!🙂

  3. Ace! says:

    @ boboparks:
    If you will read carefully my introduction it says there:

    “Since I don’t have that much of a reference, I only included players from 1980′s up to the present, because I don’t have much data on the early UAAP days”

    So Jaworski was not included because he is not a player of UAAP in the 80’s. Maybe you can research a little more as well or better if you read carefully.🙂

    Well, Duremdes didn’t even won a significant award in his UAAP days nor put adamson in the finals/championship so that alone was a big consideration why I didn’t put him in the list. Again research a little more mr. boboparks.🙂

  4. DCadz says:

    You overlooked RenRen Ritualo who gave La Salle 4 championships in 4 years.

    • Ace! says:

      Well RenRen was really a great player but he was not that dominant because in those 4 championships he had able really good teammates. In the first two championships
      he had Don Allado who was also the back-to-back MVP. In the last two, he had Mike Cortez who was also dominant and in the last one, he had Mike Cortez and Joseph Yeo
      so while RenRen maybe great but he was not as dominant as those in the list.🙂

  5. RaP says:

    Jun Reyes is the brother of Chot Reyes. Both played in Ateneo but only Jun Reyes played in the PBA. Both were on the same Alaska team with Chot as the assistant coach.

  6. ronnie erepol says:

    Caidic is the run away choice as uaap all time great…… once a warriors always a warriors……

  7. rafa says:

    where the heck is Bal David??? Espino may have been MVP but David was the ultimate clutch player at the time.

    • Ace! says:

      Well siguro parang si Shaq ng lakers yan eh.MVP siya pero ang ultimate clutch player ng lakers ay si Robert Horry so ilalagay mo ba si Horry sa all time greats?

      I doubt.

      nuff said!

  8. an2ny_julius says:

    Jun Reyes is Chot’s brother

  9. bonito99 says:

    List of Dominant UAAP basketball players (no ranking )

    Jerry Codiñera UP
    James Yap UP
    Benjie Paras UP
    Paolo Mendoza UP
    Greg Slaughter Ateneo
    Ren Ren Ritualo DLSU
    Kenneth Duremdes ADU
    Danny Ildefonso NU
    Allan Caidic UP
    Jun Reyes Ateneo
    Dennis Espino UST
    Chris Cantonjos UST
    Robert Jaworski UE
    Dindo Pumaren DLSU
    Ronnie Magsanoc UP
    Jun Limpot DLSU
    Francis Arnaiz Ateneo
    Bogs Adornado UST
    Rabah Al Husseini Ateneo
    Johnny Abarrientos FEU
    Victor Pablo FEU
    Arwind Santos FEU
    Enrico Villanueva Ateneo
    Mark Teman DLSU

  10. marts_chua says:

    Just a correction: Jun Limpot was already on his second year when he won his first MVP and his first championship. He hardly played during his rookie year. La Salle was still Dindo Pumaren’s team during Limpot’s first year.

    • Ace! says:

      Talaga? Will check on my records and sources for this.

      But may I just know, paano mo nalaman na ganun yung kay Jun Limpot?🙂

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