The 7 most dominant list UAAP version became a hit that it compelled me to do another one but this time an NCAA Version.🙂

Just like in UAAP, the NCAA today also has a “dominating” player in Calvin Abueva.
Abueva recently made history by being the 1st player in NCAA history to be a “triple king
crown” holder. He lead the NCAA in Points, Rebounds and Assists this season that might earn him his 2nd straight MVP (just like Bobby Ray).

So who are the other players in NCAA history who was as dominating as Calvin or even more dominating?

Check this out!

PS. Just like the UAAP Version, I limited my list from 1980 up to the present.🙂
1. Rommel Adducul (SSC-R) 1993-1997
Why is he on the list?
– Led SSC-R Stags to 5 straight Championships
– 2 time MVP (1996-1997)
– Rookie of the year (1993)
– Leader of what was considered the most dominating team in NCAA history the 1997 SSC-R Stags Team. The 1997 team had an average of 80+ points per game and
limiting their opponents to an average of 60+ points per game.
1997 SSC-R Stags had a perfect record that season.

The “General” Rommel Adducul can be regarded as one of the Best Collegiate Players that the country has ever seen both UAAP and NCAA. Leading his team to 5 straight championships is something only a dominant player can do. Well, it can be argued that the Stags at that time had a complete team consisting of College greats Rodney Santos, Topex Robinson, Rommel Dela Rosa and many more, but still Adducul is the main man on that team. Having won back-to-back MVPs, Rommel was considered a sure # 1 pick in the PBA draft, but instead opted to join the now-defunct MBA and in the MBA Rommel still dominated that league having won multiple championships and MVP awards. The “General” is hands down, the most dominant player in NCAA history.

2. Eugene Quilban (SSC-R) 1986-1989
Why is he on the list?
– Led SSC-R Stags to 2 straight Championships
– 2 time MVP (1987-1988)
– Led SSC-R Stags to the first perfect record in NCAA history in 1988

Eugene Quilban??! Just like in UAAP (remember Jun Reyes of ADMU?), NCAA also had a dominating player who after college became an unknown in the basketball world but looking at Quilban’s stats and you’ll see how dominant Eugene is. Another Stags great, Eugene was the main key why the Stags broke the streak of Letran in the mid 80’s. The great point guard played an all-around game that made him so dominant that led his team to 2 straight Championships.

3. Sam Ekwe (SBC) 2006-2009
Why is he on the list?
-Led San Beda to 3 Championships (2 straight)
-2 time MVP (2006, 2008)
– 2nd in NCAA history to win the Rookie MVP

Sam Ekwe paved the way for College teams both in NCAA and UAAP to import African players. Sam Ekwe was the original “dominant” import in college hoops. Sudan Daniel, Karim Abdul would not be around if not for Sam Ekwe who was so dominant in his NCAA years that landed him 2 MVP awards and 3 Championship rings. Those who saw Ekwe play would agree 100% that he is part of this list. J

4. Samboy Lim (Letran) 1982-1985
Why is he on the list?
– Led Letran to a 3-peat (1982-1984)
– 1 time MVP (1984)

The “Skywalker” is not only a great PBA and National team player but he is also a great player during his collegiate years at NCAA. He was part of Letran’s  3peat during the 1980’s that also landed him an MVP trophy in 1984. Many people regarded Samboy as the next big thing in Professional Basketball and true enough, Samboy truly made waves at the start of his career but injuries limited his greatness. Still it is without a doubt that Samboy is a dominant player not only in the Professional scene but also on the Amateur ranks.

5. Calvin Abueva (SSC-R) 2009-2012
Why is he on the list?
– 1 time champion (2009)
– 1 time MVP, 2011 (potential back-to-back MVP – 2012)
– Holds the record for a “triple king crown” (Points, Rebounds, Assist)

Just watch the NCAA today and you can see why the “beast” is included in this list. He scores, he blocks, he rebounds, he passes, he plays defense, he does everything! This #2 pick in the 2012 PBA draft led the Stags to a championship in 2009 (that ended San Beda’s run) and now a  there’s big possibility he will be a back-to-back MVP awardee. Another Stags Great, truly Abueva is part of this elegant list. J

6. Gabby Espinas (PCU)2004-2006
Why is he on the list?
– 1st ever Rookie-MVP (2004)
– 1 time Champion (2004)

PCU Dolphins just joined NCAA in 1996 and they were not really “on the radar” because NCAA was dominated by “old-great” teams like Letran, San Beda and San Sebastian, but everything changed when a “hardworking” rookie came to the league and shocked everyone by winning the Rookie of the year and the MVP at the same time and add to that the championship he won in that same year. Gabby Espinas is truly dominant having led the Dolphins to its 1st and only Championship in 2004 and also led the Dolphins to 2 more Finals appearance but losing to San Beda on both occasions. Still Espinas is considered one of the most dominant in NCAA history.

7. Sudan Daniel (San Beda) 2009-Present (injured for this season)
Why is he on the list?
-MVP (2010)
– Rookie of the year (2009)
-2 time Champion (2010-2011)

The 2nd African and the 2nd Red lion on the list. “Superman” Sudan Daniel had the same dominance as Sam Ekwe. Sudan led San Beda back to the top of NCAA with back-to-back championships after the upset-loss to Abueva’s San Sebastian in 2009. Sudan validated the “theory” set by Sam Ekwe in bringing “imports” to universities by showing his dominance in the NCAA.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Kerby Raymundo (Letran) 1997-1999
– 1 time MVP (1999)
– Rookie of the year
– 2 time champion (back-to-back)

2. Alvin Patrimonio (Mapua)  1984-1987
– Back-to-back MVP (1985-1986)

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